The Greek Experience

In the 1920’s, a diverse population was uprooted and violently dragged into a country at the time struggling to recover from the very same war responsible for their displacement. Depreciation, racism and jealousy came along with the death of nationalistic, expansionist notions, and the weight of hurt pride and economic stagnation of the indigenous populations.

Upon their settlement to Greece, their progressive manners and western-style wits caused their initial marginalisation by the local populations. Overcoming initial challenges, they succeeded to become an integral part of Greek society and a driving force for the social and economic development of Greece.

In recent years, an increased flow of asylum seekers and economic migrants crossing the Mediterranean Sea to Europe has caused heavy pressure to the borders of Greece and its neighbouring Italy. Despite some incidents of intolerance, and the striking inability of the EU to essentially support the country, Greek society has managed to temporarily cope with the newcomers. However, since these new, dynamic populations are here to stay, there is a need for cultivating intercultural awareness and a culture of coexistence.