After Macedonian independence, in 1991, a hard political period for this country followed. This country was lucky enough to go out of Yugoslavia without war. Being a peaceful country while wars were all around (Bosnian-Serbian-Croatian war), made Macedonia a safe spot for many refugees. Proudly we can conclude that Macedonia represents itself as a country of solidarity and compassion. A very important question now appears.

How this country transformed from a peace oasis to an immigrant production factory? At some point in history, when everyone expected things to improve in this country, a conservative party came in power. We would say it is the people’s choice, but 10 years of dictatorship do not allow us to say that. Living in Macedonia stopped being liveable anymore. More and more young people started thinking of, and in fact leaving Macedonia.

Officially, according to the World Bank, 600.000 people moved away in the past 10 years, especially young people. Nikola Gruevski came to power as a prime minister in 2006. His first political moves are mostly related with left oriented politics. This choice seemed comfortable to the people back in 2006. The government, after coming on power, started shutting off everything related to critical opinion. Absolute media darkness ruled.

Values got messed up and professions and diplomas were not valuable anymore. Condition to get a public employment were to join the ruling party, and in many cases equaled signing a contract with the devil himself. The health system started falling apart and people dying in public hospitals, started to be a common scene in this country. You could be arrested if you did not follow the rules of the ruling party, not the law. So they ruined the justice system, as well. In a situation where your diploma is not worthy, there is a high risk to die if you are treated in a public hospital and you are not protected anyhow, what is the solution?

Many young people decided that the answer is exit! Bulgarian passports are massively taken out in a degree of forming a fake migration, just for a chance to go to live in Europe. Other popular combinations are mirages, even illegal stay abroad. Macedonia is facing the current refugee crisis with personal crisis. People don’t want to stay here.